Draw The Blue Line

How to Help

How to Help

Thank you for reading this! Climate change is a global emergency and we need all hands on deck. Draw The Blue Line is focused on New York City because the hope is to reach people who are attending the United Nations General Assembly but you can participate no matter where you are! Social media will help this gain traction.

All contributions big and small are welcome - however you chose to participate, please post it on social media with the hashtag #DrawTheBlueLine.

  • Outside: Blue lines can be posted on building facades with painter’s tape, chalk, Christmas lights, whatever you’ve got. The idea is to represent rising sea levels. Line placement doesn’t need to be uniform because there is a big range of projected increases in the sea level (0.66 - 6.6 feet (0.2 - 2 meters) by 2100) due to different measuring models. For examples - check out Draw The Blue Line on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

  • Inside: Don’t have access to real estate in New York or elsewhere? You can Draw The Blue Line anywhere! Slap a blue line across your bedroom window, cubicle, or locker. Putting up a blue line (and/or filling in the blank) and then sharing a photo of it is going to help.

  • Fill In The Blank: If you’d like to make a bold statement, “flood” the area from the ground to your blue line with whatever you think relates to climate change. You can fill in the space with blue garbage or drawings of sea creatures. This is your project too.

  • Social Media: Use social media to show how you’re participating and also to recruit others to help! (Selfie stars will definitely be able to do a lot with some markers and paint in the mirror.) Please be sure to reach out to the social media influencers in your life.

  • Recruit Friends and Groups: Beyond social media, encourage any groups and organizations that you’re a member of to participate. And ask them to encourage all other members to join in too.

  • Donate: Time and energy are the most important resources but if you can, consider donating supplies or funds to our project.

  • Print pull tab flyers and small handouts to give away and help spread the mission!

  • Education: Use this climate change lesson and worksheet that will work for any grade level K-12. Draw The Blue Line is a collaborative art project with the goal of promoting international solidarity in the fight against climate change. With these added resources we are excited to see what other people can do to share issues with climate change!
    Teacher Instructions: Color and Black & White  Lesson & Worksheet: Color and Black & White

Take this project and run with it!

Draw The Blue Line will continue to do projects until the United States has reaffirmed its commitment to the Paris Agreement. Sign up here if you’d like to participate in the future.

Print pull tub flyers & handouts to help!