Draw The Blue Line

Draw-ers & Partners

Draw The Blue Line is asking New York City and the world to put horizontal blue lines across buildings (facades and interiors), trees, fences, windows, on social media, everywhere during the 2017 UN General Assembly (September 12-25, 2017) to show support for the Paris Agreement. This simple representation of rising sea levels is meant to serve as a reminder to the world’s leaders and policymakers of the destruction to come if we don’t remain committed to the fight against climate change – TOGETHER.

Draw-ers & Partners

Draw The Blue Line is a public art project and protest piece that relies on collective effort in the form of simple installations, digital art, light projections and more.

It isn’t possible to praise everyone but a special thanks is in order for those who are mentioned here – either for contributing artwork, funds, support, etc. There are also some noteworthy kindred spirits listed.

Aimee Buyea
Dr. Lisa Levy
Natural Resources Defense Fund
Paris My State
Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan
Radio Free Brooklyn
Young Person's Radio