Draw The Blue Line



Time and art are the primary ways that you can help Draw The Blue Line - but you can also be a friend by donating money or materials.

Money can be donated to Draw The Blue Line via PayPal or Venmo (@drawtheblueline). Please note that this money will be used for the project itself or to help the organizers with personal expenses. Donations to Draw The Blue Line are not tax deductible at this time.

You can also donate directly to fight climate change - 350.org is an organization that is devoted to the protecting the environment around the globe. They fight against the fossil fuel industry, promote sustainability, and pressure governments to reduce carbon emissions.

The Natural Resources Defense Fund is a group of scientists, lawyers, and activists who work to safeguard the earth. They currently have an emergency fundraising campaign underway for the Stop Trump Legal Fund.

Please email drawtheblueline@gmail.com if you have items which could be used to Draw The Blue Line and Fill In The Blank such as blue painter’s tape, chalk, yarn, fabric, paper, carpet, etc. It is important that Draw The Blue Line doesn’t contribute to the waste stream and reusing is the best way to recycle.