Draw The Blue Line

Call for Work

Draw The Blue Line is asking New York City and the world to put horizontal blue lines across buildings (facades and interiors), trees, fences, windows, on social media, everywhere during the 2017 UN General Assembly (September 12-25, 2017) to show support for the Paris Agreement. This simple representation of rising sea levels is meant to serve as a reminder to the world’s leaders and policymakers of the destruction to come if we don’t remain committed to the fight against climate change – TOGETHER.

Urgent Call for Work

Draw The Blue Line is asking for artistic contributions to this project - physical and digital - starting now until the end of the United Nations General Assembly (September 12-25, 2017). Make a simple statement. A blue line to represent the rising sea level can be applied to anything (ie sidewalk, photo, paper, walls, fabric… you name it). Participants are also invited to play - the line does not have to be straight or even a line.

If you’d like to make a bold statement, Fill In The Blank after you Draw The Blue Line and “flood” the area from the ground up to your blue line the way that water will if we don’t stem anthropogenic climate change. Do so with whatever you think relates to climate change. You can fill in the space with blue garbage or drawings of sea creatures. This is your project.

SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: None (besides perhaps the use of blue). Whatever way you participate please share to social media with the hashtags #DrawTheBlueLine plus climate change related terms.

WHEN: Right now(!) through September 25th. The UN General Assembly is September 12-25 but digital content will help this project gain traction.

Need inspiration? Check out our Instagram and Tumblr. Digital contributions of all kinds will be most deeply appreciated. There is an urgent need for help from:
    ▪ Projection and multimedia artists (interiors and exteriors)
    ▪ Street artists
    ▪ Installation artists

Anyone interested in collaborating with organizer Courtney Frances Fallon specifically can reach her via drawtheblueline@gmail.com or funfunfun@courtneyfrancesfallon.com.

The first phase of this project will be September 2017 but future initiatives will take place until the United States has reaffirmed its commitment to the Paris Agreement. Please sign up here for updates on further actions by Draw The Blue Line.


Print pull tub flyers & handouts to help!